Before I began creating art for any character sprites, I needed to decide on a style to draw them in.  When a character is presented in a comic book, more details can be shown, because your camera moves depending on the shot for the scene. With a sidescroller, a characters proportions need to be altered so that there is enough distinction in their silhouette that emotions can be portrayed in their animation.  Each character needs to feel distinctly unique in shape and movement because they are much smaller on the screen.  Sidescrollers don’t usually get the benefit of being able to zoom in on a characters face to convey emotion.  Classic sprite games such as Final Fantasy 6 did this AMAZINGLY well, even with greater color and size restrictions.
While I enjoy more realistic proportions in some games, Twilight Monk really calls for a dynamic range.  I’m looking forward to pushing this range even further with larger boss designs later on.