Due to overwhelming traffic increases, and overall Twilight Monk kinda becoming a lot more popular in the webcomic scene:) I’m burning the midnight oil to bring you TWO PAGES PER WEEK! This all starts next week (OCT 15 and 17) and I hope to keep that kind of pace up if not increase the frequency. Thank you all SO much for your support. You’ve been so patient, and you deserve a reward.  The more traffic we can get coming to the site, the more frequently I can release pages. If we can reach the top 5 on TWC, I will post 5 pages per week!  So please remember to vote! Also, please share the comic on your Twitter, Facebook or anywhere where people look great webcomics. Sharing the comic really helps a LOT!
Also, I will be attending the Long Beach Comic Con Nov 3-4, and I’ll have high quality prints, and copies of the first issue, post cards, and maaaaybe some other cool stuf. I’ll see you there!